coupon policy

Hen House Coupon Policy


Computer-Generated Coupon Policy

Hen House Markets will accept Computer-Generated Manufacturer’s Coupons under the following conditions:

      • The coupons must be of valid date.
      • The coupons must scan at the register.
      • Only one Computer-Generated coupon per item will be accepted.
      • Hen House Markets will maintain a file of Computer-Generated coupons that have been rejected by the Manufacturer.  We reserve the right to not accept Computer-Generated coupons for which the Manufacturer will not give reimbursement.

Double Coupon Policy

We will Double The Value of Manufacturers’ Coupons Up To And Including $.50 With The Following Conditions:

      • Our store coupons will not be doubled.
      • Customer must purchase the product listed on the coupon in the specified size and quantity.
      • Expired coupons will not be honored.
      • LIMIT one coupon per item.
      • Coupons for FREE merchandise will not be doubled.
      • Coupons with a value of $.51 (Fifty-one cents) or more will NOT be doubled.
      • Manufacturers’ coupons that state “do not double” will not be doubled.
      • If double coupon value exceeds the price of the product, the coupon will NOT be doubled; the coupon will only be equal to the sale price of the item.
      • To insure all customers have the same opportunity to purchase specific items, Hen House reserves the right to limit the number of identical items on which double coupons may be accepted within the same shopping trip.

Effective as of December 1, 2007