nutritional services

Services Offered include:

  • Private Nutrition Consultation with a Registered Dietician
  • Diabetes Private Nutrition Consultation with a Registered Dietician
  • Healthy Heart Nutrition Consultation with a Registered Dietician
  • Weight Loss or Weight Maintenance Class
  • Community Nutrition Education Presentations
  • Shopping Tour Classes
  • Nutrition Classes
  • Cooking Classes
Meet Our Registered Dietitian
Jennifer Egeland - Registered Dietician  
Jennifer Egeland, MS, RD, LD
Jennifer was born and raised in Parkville. She attended Iowa State University on a basketball scholarship and received a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Dietetics and a minor in Public Health and a Master’s of Science Degree in Nutrition from Kansas State University. Jennifer has worked for Balls Food Stores since 1997. Currently, she is the Dietitian and Natural Foods Buyer. Her passion is to teach children how to eat healthy and develop a healthy lifestyle. She has been married since 1996 and has 2 daughters. She enjoys being with family and friends, baking, scrapbooking, golf, coaching club volleyball and volunteering at church. 

Ask Jennifer

To Ask Jennifer questions about products/nutritional services in our markets or to register for nutritional classes click here or call 913.573.1273.

Hen House Nutritional Services Calendar

We will be offering these classes ongoing, look at the class calendar for dates/locations these classes are offered.
Diabetes 101 : Carbohydrate counting, Non-nutritive sweeteners and Label reading.
Diabetes 201 : Dining out, Alcohol guidelines and Cooking tips.
Living Gluten Free: provides basic information on gluten free label reading, shopping, cooking, who needs to adopt this eating lifestyle, and how this diet may improve the quality of life for those it is meant to heal.

Check our calendar for scheduled events

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