culinary celebration

ToysforTots HarvestersTruck
Vendor Product Sampling
7up / Snapple 7up, Snapple & Neuro
Anderson Erickson Dairy Egg Nogg – Yogurt
Apio (Eat Smart) Eat Smart pre-cut vegetables & dips
Belfonte Dairy Hand dipped ice cream
Bimbo Bakeries Nature’s Harvest bread
Bing Energy Drink (Inspiration Beverage) Bing Energy Drink
entrance_wedding floral_display
Blue Bell Creameries Hand dipped ice cream
Boars Head (KC Deli) Deli meat & cheese
Botanical Food Company Pre-mixed dip (using Gourmet Gardens Herbs)
Boulevard Brewing Unfiltered Wheat, Pale Ale, Pop-Up IPA, KC Pils
Calavo Avocados & Tomatoes
California Sun Dry Holiday torte, smokey guacamole
Campbell’s Unopened cans of juice
Certified Hereford Beef CHB Tri-tip kabobs or cubed beef
Coca Cola Coke products
BoarsHead Coke
ConAgra Foods Poppycock & Orville popcorn
Cool Creations Salsa & chips / Pineapple chunks
CSM chocolate & white cake w/ icing
Daiya Foods Inc Dairy-free pizzas, cream cheese spreads on crackers & Daiya slices
Dannon Sealed containers of yogurt
Dole Salads Salads & Bananas
Farmland Foods Peanut butter bacon cookies, SW pork salad, sweet & spicy bacon pecans, chiptle bacon carmel corn
Flowers Foods Tasty Cake items
Gourmet Foods Heartland, Certified Hereford Beef, Farmland
Food Should Taste Good (General Mills) Food Should Taste Good tortilla chips
Fresh Gourmet Spinach cranberry pecan salad – providing toppings
Frito Lay potato chips, sun chips, baked lays
General Mills Bakery cookies
Giorgio Fresh Sautee baby bella mushrooms
Glazers Midwest Frontera Wine, Cab/Mrlt Blend, Chard Blend, Malbec, Pinto Noir, VT Red, Muscato
Gourmet Foods International cheese, perserves, chips, crackers, cookies, nuts, honey
Heartland Fresh Foods chicken spedini, spiral glazed ham
CasseroleQueensCU CasseroleQueens
HH – Bakery Baked foccacia breads w/ cheese and/or veggies on top
HH – Buy Fresh Buy Local Milk, cheese, squash, bisen, jelly, pickles, vegetables
HH – Deli Gravy, stuffing, turkey, mashed potatoes & cranberries
HH – Floral / Wedding white cake w/ white buttercream icing
HH – Health & Natural chips, bars, cookies, beverages
HH – Meat Boneless smoked ham
HH – Private Label Canned nuts & dried fruit
HH – Tippins Soup, pie, croissants, quiche & bagels
Hiland Dairy Chocolate milk & egg nog
Hillshire Brands Summer sausage & little smokies
Hiland Tippins
Jelly Belly Candy Co Candy & chocolates
Kellogg’s Cereal samples in a cup
Kraft Gevalia single serve pods & Kraft cheese chunks
Litehouse Foods Salad dressing on romaine lettuce
Louisburg Cider Cider, lemonade, sodas, cider slush & apple butter
Maplehurst Bakeries donuts
Marzetti Pre-cut fruit & veggies & dips
MDS Foods Yancey Fancy cheese cubes
Melissa’s World Variety Produce Dutch Yellow Potatoes, Texas Caviar (black eyed peas)
Kellogg's Mellissa's World Variety Produce
Mondelez International (Nabisco / Kraft) Cookies & Crackers
Morey’s Seafood Smoked salmon portion & prepared dips
Naked Juice (Topline Distributing) 1 oz sample of juice
NatureSweet Whole cherry tomatoes
New Star / Organic Girl Spinach Salad
Oneonta Starr Ranch Growers Whole apples
Palermo’s Pizza Pizza
Paris Brothers Cooked pasta & sauce, Olive tapenade w/ bruschette bread rounds
Pepsi Pepsi products
Victor Cascone presentation Kathy and Jasper making cannolis
Proctor & Gamble Swiffers
Quaker SEALED packages or coupons
Red Gold Tomatoes Tomato juice & salsa
Reese Group Idahoan instant mashed potatoes & SEALED Rico’s samples & coupons
Reser’s Fine Foods Cold salad in SEALED unopened containers
Scherzer & Associates Cooked shrimp, precooked cheese-burgers, summer sausage & lunch meats
Smart Chicken cooked chicken wings
Suntree LLC Salted Nuts
Wonderful Brands POM beverage, dried nuts